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Main Modules:

  1.   Orbit Manipulator

  2. -manipulate orbital elements to change an orbit and its ground track in real time.

  1.   Orbit Solver

  2. -convert between inertial position and velocity and classical Keplerian orbital elements.

  3. -plot elliptical, parabolic, and hyperbolic trajectories around the Earth or Sun.

  1.   Orbit Transfers

  2. -plot Hohmann and Bi-elliptic transfers and calculate necessary delta-v burns.

  1.   Relative Motion

  2. -display the relative position of a secondary spacecraft with respect to a primary spacecraft.

  3.   Rendezvous

  4. -computes the delta-v burns and path required for the rendezvous of two spacecraft.

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Orbitus ED Bi Elliptic Orbit Image
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Library of User Functions:

  1. Utilize Orbitus ED MATLAB functions within your own simulations and analyses

  1. Create your personal satellite orbit toolbox!!

  1. Refer to tutorial in the User Manual complete listing

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Orbitus ED MATLAB Celestial Mechanics and Satellite Orbit Analysis Tool and GUI

Version 1.2

Orbit Mechanics and Manipulation

orbitus (or’•bit•us) noun; Latin circular, ring